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About Us

Founder Larry DiTizio came from a large family, whose diverse interests included art restoration and furniture refinishing. Larry worked in sales for many years, traveled extensively, and developed his own interests in collectibles. On his travels, he was always on the lookout for the interesting, the unique, and the valuable. Over the years, what started as a hobby became a refined but driving passion and ultimately lead to the founding of Treasure Quest Estate Liquidations and Sales. A few moments spent speaking with Larry will reveal both his enthusiasm and that your needs are in good hands.

Why You Should Hire Treasure Quest Estate Liquidations and Sales.

Our focus is on the success of your sale and meeting the needs of you and your family by honoring any provisions of a loved one’s will and working with you to properly price sentimental items for sale using our very competitive pricing structure.

We plan, appraise, price, stage and conduct your estate sale to maximize results. We have a strong network of collectors, realtors, antique dealers and auction houses to ensure we drive educated buyers to our estate sales.

After your initial contact with us we will schedule an appointment to visit and view the items to be sold. However, don’t throw away anything before we meet – you’d be surprised how much we can sell!

We’ll review any special circumstance of your sale, go over our contract with you, and answer any questions you may have. We’ll begin the process of planning your sale by choosing a good date(s) to run it.  We do all the leg work – we’ll price the items, stage the sale, promote and create buzz about the sale. Of course, our staff is available to answer your questions at any time during the planning process.


Why You Should Attend a Treasure Quest Estate Sale

Treasure Quest Estate Liquidations and Sales conducts well organized events. When you arrive at the sale you will receive a number. We allow buyers into the sale in small groups (based on the size of the property) in numerical order. Once inside, our friendly staff will greet you.  Every item available for purchase will have sticker with a price clearly marked. Note: Be prepared to move larger items you purchase from the house before the end of the sale.

Items not for sale are clearly marked and/or moved to a different area of the property.

Visit our Upcoming Sales to locate our next estate sale date, location, and pictures of items included in the sale. You may also subscribe to receive announcement of upcoming sales by putting your email address in the box on the bottom left of this page and pressing the submit button. 


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