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"With reference to Larry Ditizio of the Treasure Quest Estate Liquidations and Sales, Mr. Ditizio conducted an estate sale on our behalf this past Spring. It involved the entire contents of a family home. He organized the sale from from the clean-out to the set-up; provided the advertising; researched the value of the items to be sold and marked the appropriate pricing; and controlled the entire sale by responding to buyer's questions and making decisions on price adjustments to assure that items sold.
Mr. Ditizio is extremely knowledgeable in valuing antiques, jewelry and other items found in the home. He is also experienced with the trends in sales and dealings of estate sale buyers.
Family estate sales can be emotionally taxing, but Mr. Ditizio made the process easier by taking charge of the sale and by performing an outstanding job. We would highly recommend Larry Ditizio to conduct any estate sale.
Fred and Debbie Wright
August 2017
We were very pleased with Treasure Quest Estate Liquidation and Sales' handling of our estate sale. Larry and staff were truly professional and dedicated to helping liquidate our relative's estate with positive results and little or no stress. Their work ethic is outstanding and reflects their love for what they're doing.

Our family truly appreciated their concern for our wishes and needs and their efforts to make our sale a success.

We are proud to be one of their first customers and are confident they can help many others with their dedication to helping people at a hard time in their lives make a smooth transition through this process.
October 2017
Parting with the contents of my beloved home after many happy years and memories was made
so much easier with the help of Larry Ditizio from Treasure Quest Estate Liquidation and Sales.
From his first phone call to his final visit to assist a buyer with furniture pick-up, Larry showed
professionalism to get the job done, compassion when helping me make difficult decisions
about which items to sell, and humor when the job of downsizing seemed overwhelming.
He took great care in looking over the inventory, pricing it fairly, and displaying it in an attractive
manner. Larry spent a full day carefully researching pieces that were of value and kept me
informed and involved throughout the entire process. He encouraged me to stay for the sale,
and though I was unable, Larry was in contact with me throughout the event.
The two-day sale, despite the wintery weather, exceeded our expectations. Larry and his crew
did an amazing job not only making sure things sold, but also with the clean-up process
afterwards. Since my home recently sold, it was important that the floors and walls be in the
same condition as before the sale. Rugs were vacuumed, floors swept, and in general, all looked
ready for the new owners to take possession.
Larry clearly enjoys what he does. His enthusiasm and confidence made it very easy to work
with him and trust him. I highly recommend Larry and his company to others needing this
February 2018
Message: Larry and Treasure Quest did an amazing job handling the estate sale for my mom's house in Delaware. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for an estate sale company. Larry was honest, attentive, and hands-on. He gave us personal attention and diligence in researching the value of hundreds of items, staging, pricing, marketing, and keeping us informed. He is both professional and caring, treating our treasures like they were his own. We shopped a number of estate sales companies and auction houses, and are so glad we chose Treasure Quest. We received personal attention and an inordinate amount of Larry's and his staff's time that most companies would never offer. His pricing is well-researched and fair, and his is the only company we found with no hidden or surprise costs or expenses. He is a man of his word, which is a rare commodity. He bent over backwards to maximize our return on the estate sale, even if at his own expense. He even bought us pizza. It's not a pleasant process to try to unload decades worth of contents and memories in a house, but I'd only use Treasure Quest if I had to do it again. Larry and his staff made it easy, profitable, and as enjoyable as possible. I can't thank Larry and Treasure Quest enough. - Danielle Yearick, Esquire
Danielle Yearick, Esquire
March 2018
We were not sure what we were going to do with everything in our mother’s house. Larry Ditizio and
Treasure Quest made the option of an estate sale much more appealing. His cost was simple, with no
surprises or hidden costs. He and his staff did a great job staging the house for sale. He has an
incredible knowledge of the history and value of many things. Anything he did not already know (which
was not much), he researched to be sure they were priced right. Larry was incredibly personable and
easy to work with. It was clear from the start that we were his priority. He went to great efforts to help
the sale be a success. Most admirably, Larry made extra efforts to help make sales even when he was not
going benefit financially. This really shows that he’s willing to go above and beyond and his customers
are his first priority. I would highly recommend Larry and Treasure quest to anyone. You won’t be
Tim Y.
Tim Y
March 2018
I cannot thank Larry and his team enough for what they did in helping me clean out and sell my Mom’s things in West Chester PA. WE had to have the house cleaned out rather quickly as we listed and sold the house with in 6 weeks.
Although my Mom did not have many valuables and I am sure Larry knew he stood to lose money on the deal he still went above and beyond to ensure a painless transaction for my 84-year-old Mom. He did what he said he was going to do and came when he said he would.
If you are looking for someone who genuinely cares about his customers and is not just looking to make a quick buck Larry is the person that you should use.
He was honest and took time to really talk with both my Mom and I to ensure that our needs were being met. Even after the sale he called and told me something else sold and he wanted to send my mom a check.
I recommend him and is company if you want someone honest and trustworthy, someone who loves his job and is very good at.

Lori Schultz West Chester
April 2018

I wanted to take the time to write this note regarding the assistance you and your team provided during your estate sale in Middletown, DE. Your sale was well organized and priced fairly. Your team was professional, responsive and courteous. We also would like to thank you with the assistance of the potential purchase of the house. Although we did not get the house you helped us in contacting the executor to place a bid.

Thanks again

Rob McCarthy
Robert McCarthy (Middeltown DE)
March 2018
Treasure Quest. Was the company I hired to liquidate my mother's home when I needed to sell the house. There were lots of things that had to go. Larry and Staff came in and took over. It took them a week to get everything ready. They were their everyday I couldn't have asked for a better company honest reliable and professional thank you guys for all that you've done very satisfied
J Kearny (Phila sale)
March 2018
Estate Sale – Middletown DE

I highly recommend Treasure Quest Estate Sales. If you want the most honest, hard-working person to get the best value for your household items, look no further!

Larry DiTizio knew the value of my brother’s treasures and told me honestly what some of his things were worth. My brother lived in Delaware and I live in Florida, so I had to rely on Larry take care of everything He sold the household items at top dollar; disposed of what would not sell and cleaned the house to get it ready for sale. I was so lucky to have found him. He charged a fair price and documented every item sold. He stayed in contact throughout the whole process.

This is a family business and they take great pride in treating people right. Larry will treat you like family. This is a great company run by great people!

Thank you Larry!

Nancy in Florida
Nancy (Middletown del sale)
March 2018
No words can adequately express how grateful my husband and I are. A few months ago, as Executors, we started tackling the clean out of our deceased neighbor’s home. We were overwhelmed! Larry was personable, professional and compassionate throughout the entire process- from our first phone conversation to the final disbursement of the sale proceeds ( we were amazed how much money was made!) Larry sorted out EVERYTHING, set aside items for sale from items for possible donation. He saved us hours of work, without the emotional attachment.
You can trust your precious and valuable goods with Larry and be assured you will do well financially.
Somerset, NJ

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Lorraine, Somerset
April 2018
purchased a car about a month ago at a treasure quest estate sale. larry was very professional and helped us in every way.
October 2018
When our mother needed to leave New Jersey to come live with us, We needed someone to help us liquidate the items in her home. Larry Ditizio came to the fore when others never called us back. He came over on his day off, and patiently went thru all of items in her entire house. He had a keen knowledge of the value of all the items, including China , Figurines, Artwork , Furniture, and collectables. He arrangeg for the estate sale taking care of the advertising and artistically displaying all the items for sale.
After the estate sale, He and his crew spent several day in cleaning out the left over items. the left the home in such clean, broom swept condition , that the house immediately sold after Larry finished. Larry went the "second mile" in sending us things we wanted to keep.

Here are some adjective to describe Larry Ditizio Honest, Reliable, Hard-working, Knowledgeable, resourceful, creative, personable, communicative, fair-minded, artistic, detail-oriented, careful, thoughtful, and caring. You will be very glad that you picked Treasure Quest Estate Liquidations and Sales to handle you estate liquidation and sales
C.G California
June 2018
Dear Larry and Crew,

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and your team for a job well done! I was very happy with the way your company conducted my estate sale on September 16, 2018.
Your entire team was professional and honest. Larry worked hard before, during, and after the sale to make sure I was happy! Larry also sent buyers after my sale was over because he knew I still had items to sell. Larry also helped find a home for my Dad's 18-year-old cat! Talk about SERVICE! I can't say enough about Larry and his company TREASURE QUEST! If you need to have an estate sale call Treasure will not be disappointed!

Thank you,

Eileen Azzopardi :)
Eileen Fouurtown sale
September 2018
Hi Larry,
Just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and your Treasure Quest crew for the outstanding job you did for me by prepping for and holding a Liquidation Sale, and then cleaning out my sister's home in New Jersey. From our first discussion of what needed to be done over the Thanksgiving weekend, until the house was empty and "broom clean" waiting for its new owner, was a mere 17 days.
Until I met you, this was a daunting task I was facing. My sister passed away in late summer, she had no children, her husband had pre-deceased her by 20+ years, and I was the last remaining sibling as well as Executor of her Will. While she lived in NJ, I am a resident of Tennessee and am handicapped. I can no longer travel more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. I needed a trusted professional partner on the ground to manage this for me. You not only did an excellent job based on all reports from family and friends, but you exceeded the revenue estimate for the sale and completed the clean-out within the budget you had set.
Thanks again and best regards,
Carmin Lynch
Cartmin Lynch
December 2018
Our Estate Sale was surprisingly very busy. We didn’t know what to expect especially since it was the weekend just prior to Christmas (we figured that most people were preparing for Christmas and wouldn’t have the time). However, people were here 4 hours prior to the estate sale and were lining up at our gate. It was crazy busy and we had a huge response. Larry and his group were very professional, friendly and helpful (keeping the crowd at bay, so we were not overwhelmed). We would definitely recommend them and use them again!

Dr. Kimberly Weir, DOm, LAc
Annapolis Doctors of Acupuncture
115 Annapolis Street
Annapolis, MD 2140
Dr Kimberly Weir
January 2019

I can never thank you enough for the amazing job that you did for me. I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of clearing a house for a family friend who recently passed. As I eventually realized the job was too much for me my son-in-law found Larry and Treasure Quest by chance. It turned out to be the best decision EVER!!! Larry came in and immediately impressed me with his warmth, understanding, and respect. He is honest, reliable, and extremely thorough. In a few days he took a house that was cluttered with stuff from as far back as 1930 and turned it into an open space that is clean and ready to be sold.


Susan J. Gross
Susan J Gross
February 2019
Ronald C. Lynch
3723 Orient Avenue
The Villages, FL 32163
High Recommendation for Larry Ditizio
If you are in need of a First Class Estate Sales Group that is Honest and totally Customer
Oriented, look no further than Treasure Quest Estate Liquidation and Sales, and Larry Ditizio.
In May, my wife decided to retire. We have a home in Florida that we wanted to move into full
time. We had lived in our home in Voorhees for 28 years and had accumulated, shall we say, a
large amount of stuff. In addition, we had several storage units filled with things, some good,
some not so good. We hired Carol Minghenelli (also the Best of the Best) to sell our home and
she wanted to list it by August. It was going to require substantial updating meaning we needed
to move our furniture and then remove all of the other items by mid-July. Fast Forward.
Larry to the Rescue
The moving company was scheduled to move our furniture mid-June and that was pushed back
a week. Now the pressure was really on. Larry and his Crew came in to prepare the home and
stage the Estate Sale. That included retrieving the salable items from the storage units. During
the process, he triaged everything in the home as Sale, Contribution or Dumpster. A dumpster
was on site and it filled quite rapidly with things we did not need nor were of any value. Again,
Larry was driving that effort and worked tirelessly for a full week getting the home staged for the
The Sale was Extremely Successful.
The vast majority of items moved out. Those left with
some value, primarily old furniture from a family farm, were placed on Nextdoor and departed
Again, tireless workers during one of the warmest weeks of the Summer. Another week was
required to completely clean out the home and storage units. Triaged into Contributions and
Dumpster. Vietnam Vets took the contributions and the Dumpster was again full. This was
accomplished working in coordination with Carol’s contractors who were removing wallpaper
and carpet as well as painting the entire home.
Bottom Line
Thank God we found Larry. He and his Team are ultimate professionals and literally did the
impossible within a very short window of time. Larry took charge and made sure everything was
accomplished and the home completely cleaned out so the contractors could finish their job.
They helped us pack a U Haul Truck and Trailer. It was packed so well there was no damage
when we arrived in Florida. He also towed one of our vehicles to our new home.
Ron and Frances Lynch
August 2018
Treasure Quest and Larry Ditozio

I suddenly became power of attorney for my aunt and had to liquidate the possessions in her house. A very overwhelming situation since I didn’t live in town.

Larry set my mind at ease. He came in, found all the items for the sale, staged the entire house and garage. He priced everything. I was blown away at the items that were worth something, things i would have discarded. He has an amazing eye for saleable items and their value.

He conducted the sale professionally and knew how to get the best dollar. After the sale he found homes for what didn’t sell (donations or trash if not worth anything) and is continuing to sell a few valuables on line. He swept and cleaned the house.

What a lifesaver Larry was, and the peace of mind I had. Larry is honest, and does exactly what he says he will do.

I recommend him highly and would not call anyone else if I needed this service again. If you’d like to call me, you may.

Marilyn Palumbo
Marilyn Palumbo
April 2019
I want to thank you again for providing such great service to my brother and me. It was extremely peaceful for me knowing that my parent’s personal possessions were treated with respect and dignity.

In the end, it is only “stuff” but it is the “stuff” that surrounded a family for more than 55 years. Many memories are stored in those possessions.

I feel a great sense of resolve that they are all now where they are supposed to be, in great part due to your excellent guidance.

It has been a pleasure to work with you and we will whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone we know who would be in need of your services.

Thank Jeremy and Vince for taking such good care of 125 Saint James and the Evaul family.

Anne Evaul
Anne Evaul
July 2019
The most important lesson that I learned after I was cleaning out my late parent’s home was that I should have consulted with Larry DiTizio, owner of Treasure Quest Estate Liquidations & Sales first.

Lesson #2:
After I picked my priority & sentimental items from my beloved parents’ personal belongings, I felt sorry for the “orphaned” left-overs and began to take them into my own home until I couldn’t assimilate them anymore.

Lesson #3:
I learned the joy of seeing “customers” love my parent’s personal belongings because
My sister choose to stay home because it was too emotionally difficult for her. I am more pragmatic and enjoyed interacting with the customers during the sale.

Lesson #4:
I learned to make sure that our family had home owner’s liability insurance coverage, in case anyone was injured in the home we inherited after my parents’ deaths.
Lesson #5:
I learned that estate sales are NOT just for people who do NOT love the people who passed away or their possessions.

Lesson #6:
I learned that Treasure Quest are the experts at pricing what they know their customers will pay. They should be trusted for their knowledge and years of experience in this business.

Our myths and misconceptions about estate sales were completely dispelled by the positive experiences that we had when my family decided to hire Larry DiTizio and Treasure Quest. Our family and friends pre-selected the objects that they wanted to assimilate into their homes before the “left-over orphaned items” were advertised for our estate sale.
We interviewed several estate and liquidation sales companies. But, from the first conversation on the telephone, to the initial free consultation and at the end of the estate sale, we knew that Larry and his company were the perfect partner for us as we closed this chapter of our lives. It was an easy and unanimously vote. Thank you for all of your advice and expertise.

April 2019
Mr. Ditizio,

When my Wife's Aunt passed away in July, we were tasked with having to clean out her house and get it ready for sale. Needles to say, the Aunt was in her middle 80's when she passed and collected just about everything imaginable. After getting rid of a lot of the clutter, we still didn't know what to do with the hundreds of items in her house.

Over the years I've seen many Estate Sales advertised in our local newspapers, so I came up with idea of looking into one. I went online and found a site that you type in information and you're contacted by Estate Sale professional. 15 minutes after submitting my information I got a call from you. Maybe it was Karma or just luck that you happened to call.

After my wife and I met with you, were were sold on your ability to make things happen. And you did !!

I was TOTALLY AMAZED by your organizational skills, knowledge of pricing items, and caring nature. You're a TRUE PROFESSIONAL in your field.

When I walked in the house the morning of the sale I couldn't believe what I was and your crew did an amazing job !! Every item was priced and displayed well in all of the rooms. The real kicker was that your crew even cleaned a lot of the house !!

Again, you did an absolutely amazing job and I thank you for it.

If in the future you need any references, please have the people contact me personally.

Charlie Hall
Bear, DE
Charlie Hall bear DE
November 2019
Larry from treasure quest estate sales is the best! He and his crew came and held an estate sale for me. I've never seen such dedicated people. Starting from our first meeting right up to the day after the sale, Larry and Crew did an amazing job! Before the sale, Larry was a stranger to me.... now he is a forever friend! I highly recommend treasure quest! Sincerely, Debbie B.
Debbie B West Deptford
November 2019
I would like you to know I did an Estate Sale with Treasure Quest after my husband died and I decided to downsize. I called a few companies but when I spoke to Larry I decided right away he was the one I was going to go with, and I'm glad I did. He made the process painless, He was at my house setting up for three days before the sale organizing. He took all the stress off of me. Then after the sale he helped me clean out the house, I don't know what I would have done without Larry and his crew. I highly recommend Treasure Quest. Linda D'Amico
Linda D'Amico
October 2019
I found myself in need of an estate sales company, so I researched all available in the south Jersey area and met with the ones I thought would be the best. Let me try to save you some time and money Larry Ditizio from Treasure Quest and his crew were fantastic. I found them to be professional knowledgeable personable and most important trustworthy they went out of their way to make your sale a success. This is not an easy time for most but Larry understands that and does everything he can to put you at ease answer your questions and handle everything from start to finish. Do yourself a favor and talk to Larry he will help you.
Guy Rossi
December 2019
I want to thank Larry for his professionalism and willingness to be negotiable. His prices are reasonable and more importantly he is a kind guy. I will definitely attend his sales in the future... and you should too!
Eustace D.
Eustace D
January 2020
Larry, I just wanted to send this note to thank you for your help with my mother’s household sale. We were originally planning on doing this ourselves but when my wife Crystal got hurt it became impossible for us to meet the deadline of the home closing and you saved the day for us. You did a fantastic job for us with the sale and treated our mother’s lifelong collections and personal belongings with great respect. Just as we would have done. You worked exceptionally hard for us during the past couple of weeks and did everything we asked of you without hesitation and not only did everything turn out great, you made the entire process fun. I learned a lot from our conversations we had and you made the process much less emotionally painful and the entire event felt like I was working with a family member. Trust was an important factor to me and you earned my trust. If I were to do it all over, I would have no hesitation to work with you again.

Good luck in all your endeavors,

Regards, Mark
Mark C
January 2020
After scheduling an appointment to inspect my Dad's house and meeting me there Larry had the same expression on his face, dumbfounded, mouth open and kept saying Oh My God. My dad was a collector/hoarder. BUT, Larry said that he and his team could help me with a sale/clean out.
They sure did! They actually went above & beyond my expectations. After the sale when walking through the house it was I whose mouth was open and saying OMG, AMAZING. Many thanks to Larry and his crew.
Gaynor Chastain
January 2020
Treasure Quest Review

I would like to take the time to write about my experience with Treasure Quest Estate Liquidations & Sales and working with Larry Ditizio. My husband and I have been planning an early retirement and move to the Dominican Republic for the last several years, never dreaming that the COVID pandemic of 2020 would hit and all of the issues that would bring with trying to sell our home and all of our belongings. While we finally did get to list the house and get an offer, much later than we had hoped, we had a very short window to clear out the house. The company I had been planning to use was completely booked up so I was in a panic trying to find another company.

I went to and created a profile. Within an hour of my request going live, Larry had responded. We spoke and agreed to meet the next day which was a Sunday. Larry came to our home, viewed what we had and took over 80 pictures. The listing was live within a day or two. Larry staged and priced items during that week and we had the sale the following Saturday. His team was very professional and abided by all COVID procedures by wearing masks and providing hand sanitizer at the door and requiring all buyers to sanitize as they entered.

At the sale one of my neighbors across the street purchased our bedroom suite which was 3 large dressers and a queen size head and footboard, all Bassett furniture. Larry’s guys were kind enough to help them disassemble and move the furniture across the street.

I wanted to be present the day of the sale, but during the sale while trying to move an item, I fell and injured my wrist. It was broken in 2 places which meant that I would not be able to move anything to finish cleaning out my house after the sale. Part of my arrangement with Larry was that he would have a charity at my house on Monday to pick up anything that didn’t sell for donation. He personally came back and packed up everything else to donate. We had people who had purchased furniture that also returned that Monday to pick it up with a truck. Larry helped their movers figure out the best way to move the bigger pieces without damaging anything. We completely filled a large donation truck, and still had more things left. Larry returned over the next few days and personally removed and donated the rest of the items that were left.

I can’t say enough about the professional job that was done by Larry and his team at Treasure Quest Estate Liquidations & Sales. All of this was done and our house was emptied within 12 days of our first meeting. We were paid promptly and it was a blessing to not have to worry about how to finish the job while injured. If you have a house liquidation and want the job done right, call Larry today!

Melinda Gallo
Melinda Gallo
September 2020
Thank you!

I highly recommend the estate sale services of Treasure Quest. Larry was so easy to work with and very knowledgeable and fair. He demonstrated sensitivity and compassion in what can be an emotional time for many. He made us feel part of the process and listened to our needs. It was such a pleasure working with Larry. I appreciated his professionalism, but it was more than that. I felt like I was working with a friend of the family.
Chris Gabalay
December 2020
To Whom It May Concern,

Good evening. I’m submitting this email in reference to one Lawrence “Larry” Ditizio who is the owner/operator of one Treasure Quest Liquidation and Estate Sales, to advise and review what an outstanding experience I had with Larry and his team during an estate sale this past weekend in Voorhees NJ.

Larry and the Treasure Quest team were top notch professionally, and equally delightful to work with and talk to personally. The sale was well run from the start, and plenty of clear taken pictures posted (as well we clear instructions about the sale) ahead of time. Additionally, the sale had a really neat history behind it as the sellers (and artist) past made it quite unique to learn about (which Larry was kind enough to share artistic and verifiable information surrounding contents for sale.

Big thanks to Larry for keepin it real!

Ben Hitch
Arlington VA
Ben Hitch
Federal Account Executive
Ben Hitch
March 2021
If you're looking to have an estate sale, look no further!! I called over 25 estate sale companies when I needed to liquidate my Grandmother's estate after she passed away, and Treasure Quest was by far the friendliest, most professional, and best value out of all of them. After shopping at an estate sale held by a different company a few years ago and seeing the workers literally taking more money than their share and keeping smaller items for themselves, I knew I was going to be very picky when it came time that I'd ever need to hold a sale myself. When Larry told me during our first phone call that he not only allowed the client (aka me) to be there during the entire sale, but encouraged it, it immediately gained my trust, because so many other companies don't allow it. He explained every step to me and let me be as involved (or not involved) as I wanted to be. The house I was having an estate sale for was in a gated, senior community who had actually banned estate sales after a sale from a different company a few months ago was a disaster. Larry spoke with them and agreed to follow whatever rules they wanted us to, and convinced them to let us have the sale, which was the biggest relief. I even got an email after our sale was over from the HOA thanking us for running such a smooth and professional sale, and letting us know that they had no complaints and were very happy with Treasure Quest. Larry researched, appraised, and priced everything we had to sell, and took charge of booking all appointments (since the HOA allowed us to have an appointment-only sale). He called me every few days to keep me updated with the progress and appointments, which I really appreciated. He took pictures of everything, advertised the sale on multiple websites, and updated me whenever more pictures or descriptions were added so I could check it out. During the sale, he was kind and professional to all customers, but was also firm and fair when he needed to be. He knew I was really worried about selling my Grandma's dining room set (table, hutch, and server) because it was so big, and I didn't know what I would do with it if we didn't get it sold. So he showed it to every customer and talked it up to get it sold! He even replaced all the lightbulbs in the hutch for me so that the lights worked, and it would be more appealing to potential buyers. He truly went above and beyond with everything. He even fixed my leaking kitchen sink! He treated us to lunch each day, which I thought was the sweetest thing. He was punctual, reliable, and communicative throughout the entire process, and was so easy to work with. He even taught me how to tell real jewelry apart from costume jewelry during downtime. He really knew his stuff when it came to appraising things as well. He immediately knew all the different brands of China and silverware and statues that my grandmother had as soon as he walked in and picked them up. I didn't once feel like I was just a client to him. He was so friendly and inclusive, and I genuinely feel like I made a friend in him. The sale was a success and though we were so limited due to the rules of the association, we still made out very well, and I have no regrets! He was a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend Larry and his company, Treasure Quest, to anyone needing to have an estate sale or liquidation. 10/10 =)
Julie Hribik
March 2021
Hi, my name is Stacey Schofield. My husband
Mark Bair and I have the pleasure of
recommending Larry Ditizio, the owner of
Treasure Quest Estate Liquidations and Sales. If
you’re in need of an estate sale or house clean
out Larry will not disappoint you!
We first met Larry when my mother-in-law was
moving to Florida. We contacted a few
companies (some never even responded) to
assist us. We were completely new to this and
frankly overwhelmed at how to go about such a
large undertaking. Luckily for us, Treasue Quest
was one of the estate companies we reached
out to. Larry promptly returned our call and
scheduled an appointment to come to her
house to meet with us and discuss our needs.
He took the time to walk us through the
process and eased our anxieties. ​
Mark and I were both surprised by the amount
of work that went into the sale. Larry made
sure every item being sold was cleaned, priced
and photographed. The entire house was
professionally cleaned and staged beautifully. It
was Larry’s attention to every detail that made
my mother-in-law’s estate sale a monetary
When Mark’s aunt was no longer able to care
for herself, she moved into an assisted living
facility. Recently, we needed to have an estate
sale for her and so we called Larry once again.
Mark and I were impressed by his vast
knowledge of her unique antique collection.
Larry relentlessly researched her collectibles.
This sale was bigger, more time consuming and
more challenging. Larry made it look easy. He ​was at the house every day for 2 weeks prior.
The house again was spotless. Larry even went
so far as to have the rugs professionally
cleaned! He was always enthusiastic, thorough,
and very organized.
As fate would have it, my husband and I have
decided to sell our house and live full time in
our travel trailer exploring this beautiful
country. We both have a lifetime of collectables
and wouldn’t trust anyone but Larry to sell
them for us. Over the course of our several
positive experiences with Larry, we can
confidently recommend his services! He has
always gone above and beyond our
expectations and we hope you will be as happy
with him as we are!
Stacey Schofield
March 2021
During the summer of 2020, I had to downsize from a large house fairly quickly and COVID was raging. I didn't have a clue
on how I should go about accomplishing this feat. eBay, Craig's List and other internet -based companies just didn't fit - I
was very leery of doing business that way. I was fortunate to find Larry and Treasure Quest even though he was based in
New Jersey and I am in south-central PA. I found Larry to be very business oriented, professional and honest. He was a
tremendous help to me as far as discussing current valuation of the items I needed to sell. I found Larry to be very hardworking
and also has a great sense of humor and values. It has taken me almost a full year to write this but Larry made an positive impression
on me that I have to acknowledge - even after a year since we completed our business. If I ever find myself in the situation I was in
last year, I know I won't hesitate to contact Larry first.
Susan Mckenna
April 2020