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Riverton Treasure Chest

Happy New Years, This is a automotive repair shop business closing, So it is mostly tools, there is Loads of Snap-on items like Solus ultra scanner, TPM53 Tire pressure sensor, Master Ball and Ujoint set BJP-1, Bear Axel Puller setCJ2003A, Compression Gauge set, Cooling System Tester with old cooling pressure tester and bubble flair tube set, Fluorescent Under Hood Light Bar, Wheel Balancer WB250, Vat45 Battery and alternator tester with cart, EELO302B Smoke Machine with cart. Other items include OTC6489 Ford Cam Tools Master Set, EZRED Computer Memory Saver, Marson Big Daddy Rivet Gun, Lisie Pneumatic Fan Clutch Wrench set, Master Cool Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set, Ascot Hubcap and Wheel lock Removal Kit, Blue Point Back pressure Tester, Deluxe Fuel Injection Pressure Test Set, Proto Torque wrench, Ranger Tire Changer with Power Assist, American 7000 LB lift, BC4200 Fast Charger, Sun Motor Vac Injection Cleaner, White Industrial R12-R134 AC Charger, 3 1/2 ton Floor Jack, Branick  G300 Brake Bleeding Kit, EP90 Gear oil Drum and Pump, 6 Jack Stands, 2 Wheel Dollies, a set of Short Gear Wrenches, A Standard set of Gear Wrenches, Engine Support Bar, Engine Hoist, 2 one man Jack Stands Oil Filter Crusher,  2 Waist Oil Drain Drums with Air Lift for Oil Drain, High Lift Transmission Jack, Torque Stick Standard Duty, Over The Wheel Standing Platforms and many other items,  All well kept and cared for more details to come