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Estate Liquidation

Once preparation and staging is complete we will conduct the estate sale on a predetermined and well-advertised date.  We will work with potential buyers to maximize the sales and make sure they don’t leave empty handed and we will remain focused on the goal of selling as much as possible expeditiously to maximize profit.

Free Consultation

FREE! There is no charge for the initial evaluation of the estate site and contents or estate sale consultation.  Please do not throw anything away until we meet!


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We will appraise the contents of your estate and tag them with prices.  If necessary, we will contact outside experts to authenticate and/or appraise an item. Always welcomed is your input of item history and prices when they were acquired.  However, current market prices may be vastly different from historical prices. You can rest assured all factors will be considered in determining a very competitive pricing structure in order to sell as many items as possible.

Preparation & Staging

In some cases, the contents of your estate can remain where they are with only some minor adjustment in arrangement.  However, at times rearrangement is necessary to make the items more visible and accessible to assist in the goal of selling quickly and realizing maximized value.  We will sort, organize and rearrange the content of your estate and stage them for the sale.


In order to achieve the best results in generating maximum amount of potential buyers, we advertise your estate sale through multiple venues such as:

  • Posting your sale on our own website.
  • Posting ads on estate sales news websites.
  • Forwarding your sale information to potential buyers on our mailing list.
  • Posting ads in local newspaper if necessary.
  • If permitted, posting signs to direct potential buyers to the estate site during your sale.

Cleaning up and disposal

Once the estate sale comes to a close, any items left unsold can be disposed of in several manners. These include:

  • Leaving them behind to be removed later by you.
  • Charity donation.
  • Help from haul away professionals to remove the items.

We can help facilitate and arrange for the charity donation and professional haul away if necessary, and we'll clean out any garbage and debris leaving the premises broom-clean.

If you need to get the estate ready for a realtor, a professional cleaning service is needed. We can also help arrange it if necessary.